Our work with organizations is focused on the following areas:

Leadership Development

Research demonstrates that up to 70 percent of group productivity and profitability is the direct result of what the head of that group does and does not do. Certain skills are fundamental, such as being able to coach, to encourage teamwork, to set goals and to appraise performance. In times of change, additional skills become important; creating and communicating a vision, creating a sense of urgency and excitement, managing change, inspiring others to be leaders, interpreting and responding to the marketplace, and cultivating people’s talents. We can help leaders improve in a way that reflects the values and direction of the organization, and we have experience working with leaders at all levels, from supervisors to CEOs.

Executive Coaching and Feedback

When one-on-one coaching is required, we have an array of tools and methods, from interviewing to online feedback instruments, that can help professionals get a clear, honest picture of how they are performing and working with others. Based on our data collection, we customize a process for improving an individual’s performance, focusing initially on a few actions to take that can make an enormous positive difference in the person’s behaviors. We also coach executives to be more effective and productive on an ongoing basis.

Sales Training

Today’s salespeople need to build long-term relationships rather than cornering the customer into a fast close; to get information rather than just giving information; and to distinguish themselves from their competitors. This often requires rethinking approaches that previously worked. We specialize in teaching salespeople the key skills and attitudes required in today’s complex selling environment, including listening, handling objections, asking questions, exploring needs, making presentations, analyzing competition, negotiating without manipulation, closing the sale, managing territories, developing account strategies, and more.

Offsite Facilitation

Taking a team offsite is an opportunity to make significant progress in achieving its goals. We have deep experience in helping to design and facilitate offsite meetings, especially so that functional leaders can focus on their people, rather than the task of running the meeting. Sometimes clients hire us to do a ½-day workshop as part of a larger meeting.